Doge 4 Warriors: Helping Warrior Ranch #HelpHeal Veterans

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About Doge 4 Warriors

Doge 4 Warriors is a Dogecoin crowdfunding campaign supporting The Warrior Ranch, a Veteran-led project providing healing and coping skills to Veterans suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, and other mental illnesses. Through outdoor trips, retreats, and activities combined with non traditional and traditional healing methods we aim to provide Veterans a more sustainable and long lasting way to heal from the wounds of war.

Community is the glue that holds Warrior Ranch together. We take care of our own. We provide a support system that knows and understands the daily struggle of coping with PTSD, transitioning from military service, and recovering from substance abuse. We show them that they are not alone and can persevere.

Our ultimate vision is to build a Ranch to be a transitional center for Veterans to heal. While we work towards this goal we will provide Veterans with resources and opportunities to heal within their communities.

What the 20,000,000 DOGE raised will help sponsor

Your donations will provide Veterans with more opportunities for healing and growth. We aim to provide a safe haven for Warriors to grow and help their communities.

The ~US$5,000 raised will fund:

  • Warrior Ranch construction beginning Summer 2015
  • camping/outdoors equipment
  • mindfulness, meditation, and yoga teachers and classes

Warrior Ranch provides their events and resources to Veterans free or as low cost as possible. For more information, visit

Robert Marshall's Story

Returning from my 2nd tour in war-torn Iraq I found myself unable to transition back into the social stream of American regularity. Anxiety gripped my thoughts, hypervigilance claimed by nights, anger and irritability seized my temperament, and the exceptionalism that made me a lieutenant in the US Infantry made me unacceptable as a civilian. Memories haunted my waking moments, terrors stalked my dreams, and the nearest, most available therapy I could find in that condition was alcohol, which only accelerated my anxiety and left me dependent upon the liquor.

Wounded warriors return home every day to much applause and open arms, but the most debilitation wound of war is left untreated, much worse, often undiagnosed. The wounds of the psyche rarely heal because they are unobservable and unsympathized, causing the wounded to withdraw further into themselves.

I fell through the cracks of society upon my return from war and there determined to pad the fall for others returning from the call of duty with that terrible wound PTSD. Your personal involvement ultimately guarantees America’s future security by assuring the next generation of soldiers that their efforts will be recognized and their service gratefully remembered by reaching out a collective hand to returning warriors plagued by the demons of war. You can be the answer for the next soldier at risk for following me down that dark road of comatose intoxication.